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Ockeroid's News

Posted by Ockeroid - May 20th, 2012

For those who don't know tomorrow I'm off on a trip then ends in Germany to do sound for some documentary about marathons and cars. Three things I know nothing about and I've never done sound for a live movie, so I guess it'll be interesting.

But I had a few days until I had to leave, so I made this:
Which everyone will hate because it's too short for Newgrounds.

Also as of last week my first submission to newgrounds turned 10 years old. There are humans younger than that. Ones that you can have conversations with. It was a stick game. I'm actually planning on maybe something with it in the next month or two. We shall see.

P.S. Pico day and Philadelphia where amazing beyond belief!

i'm off to be be silent and point a mic at people saying stuff I don't understand for over a week BYE



Posted by Ockeroid - April 25th, 2012

I made a toon about what some old games characters might think of Kickstarter


And in non-internet news, I scored a local film short that's just got accepted into Cannes festival! Hoorah


So since I was working on the toon so much, I had to spend most of today sorting out all the travel stuff I'd neglected for my flight tomorrow to Philadelphia and Pico day, and it had me thinking about Newgrounds meets.

I regular the UK meets and would say I'm a fairly sociable guy once I'm out somewhere.

But I remember a few years ago when I went to my first ever Newgrounds meet. I was so shy and un-socialised I only stayed for a couple of hours before leaving (despite having traveled several hours to get there).

Afterwards I remember telling my self I was going to be less shy so next year I could actually talk to more people. And that ended up being the main thing that pushed me to get out, get over my shyness and stop being such a recluse.
...well I'm still a pretty big recluse, but the point is I can go out and see people when I want now.

So kind of ironically, a site focused around stuff to do alone in front of a computer monitor was what pushed me to go out and be more sociable.

It's kind of embarrassing. But I just realised "hey that's actually a pretty big difference this site I go to has made to me", so kind of wanted to share it and see if it's made any difference on anyone else.

How has Newgrounds changed your life?

How has Newgrounds affected your life?

Posted by Ockeroid - March 5th, 2012

See bottom for question

Trying to find a way to make it to Pico Day this year! Bit difficult being an ocean away though
Really embarrassing and geeky to say, but this would be a dream come true for my 16 year old self... and my 17 year old self... and my 18 year old self...

Like generic progressive house? Good, cuz I made some.

Might be doing something pretty cool with a sequel to Construction Men (A sort of "What if Pico was older and starred in a weird saturday morning cartoon" flash).
But what it will be depends on if I can get some moolah to give me the time to take off and make it bigger or not. So we'll see how that goes.
At the very least I can say it won't be as rushed as the last one!

More Nerds can never love is still on the way. Some more local stuff like scoring some short films and getting self employed has been taking up a of of my time, so I've not worked on it since V-day. Starting to become a real fucking juggling act working out make sure I keep moving forward in all the areas I want to. Sometimes wonder if I should just quit either music or animation and focus on the other, but then I realise I would never be able to live without the other :p

Attached a screen cap I took in the middle of making a shot (Might be old to you if you follow my twitter, sorry!)

Hoping to make a spare week for my self sometime this month and finish it off. Which brings me to...

Animation just takes a big chunk of time and focus. I usually get around this by finding a few days to a week and doing it all in one go. That has some pretty big down sides like getting that time in a row, it taking a lot out of you, can often end up with stuff that's not as polished as you wanted, and by the end of it you go a bit crazy and sleep deprived.

So NGerz. When do YOU find/make time to animate? And do you think it actually works for you?

When do YOU find time to animate?

Posted by Ockeroid - February 15th, 2012

New mini-toon!
Nerds can never ever love! Go watch it!

Featuring one of the best people in the world (fact) RicePirate

(It's supposed to be called "Nerds can never love: One wish", but the new name restrictions cut it off. Not sure what I'm gonna do for any future toons now tho oops)

Making this was actually really refreshing. I only had the day to do it and it was great to get something short and simple out after a few months of more heavy planned stuff.
Looking back it reminded me of how much the 24HColab moved me on in being able to make something. *sigh* memories
Back then it was a big struggle for me, but now I can just get on with it. I guess in some ways it was like a first taster of doing something creative as work. Just goes to show another kind of thing NG can give you if you're willing to put something in!

More nerds can never love

On that note, I spent an I-N-T-E-N-C-E week of constant work to try and get a 2 min Nerds movie out for V-day. Didn't make it in the end, but It's about 85% complete and I'll go back and get it done after a little break.
Caxx and Seymour have been giving some awesome voice work for it plus have put up with me being sleep deprived and a bit crazy.

Screen shot below!

EDIT: Can't seem to get the image to show up, so here's a dump link:
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/c1e5b4d73809 d47cbe30344aefedc821.jpg


You might not know, but I basically make music every single day. (I have between 350-400 different project files from 2011, so it may well have been every day)

I've been making fuck tones of music the past few months but just not been putting any out. Here's one though! No clue what genre you'd call it. Like.... action music crossed with unknown? *shrug*

If you like it I'd love to hear, since I think the main reason I don't really post audio on newgrounds is I never really get any feedback. (Hopefully audio portal redesign will add some cool things to make it easier for songs to get heard? eh? eh? *nag nag nag*)

Redesign Collab

Here's my stupid little bit for the Luis' redesign collab if you didn't see it while the site was down

Thanks to my local buddy Thomas Booker for collabing with the ridiculous music with me

Posted by Ockeroid - November 30th, 2011

Hey strangers!
You've not seen much of me in a while since I've been away learning music production and attempting to write better

The result of this should hopefully be better toons and music for you to pleasure your eyes and ears with.

PLEASURE FOUR YOU! I've pleasured my self enough for tonight.

Incase you want to know, another Nerds can never Love is in the works! Been held up a bit, but it's written and mostly story boarded. So it's just a case of getting some free time and sitting down to do it!

also I've just done making some music for a very very awesome looking game for The_EXP and FlashBros Dim. Wish I had more time to have worked on it and make i actually stand up to the awesome art and gaming of it. I've never been this excited to play a flash game!


Here's a pic from a sci-fi short I was making to enter to some film festivals


Posted by Ockeroid - December 18th, 2010

/* */
Now that you've heard that, I can link to anything and it'll sound amazing by comparation. Score!

I've had opportunity to get some of my music into some cool game projects recently.

1. Go play K.O.L.M.
Who'd have thought Metroid crossed with Wall-E could work?

2. Go play Mother Judgment
A nun takes it apon her self to blow the fuck out of the undead. Need I say more?

I've also done a solo piano pieces for a bit of a change. If you like that kind of stuff, then I've got another one I'm working on that should be out soon :D

In animation news I also entered a 4 second part into the Roll Call collab (see below), hopefully coming out soon. Looks like it'll be fun.
And now I'm currently getting syched up for the next 24 hour collab :D It's gonna rock!

Hopefully I'll have a winter toon for you soon! I'm considering making it related to the UK Apprentice, cuz I love it. Bit of Alan Sugar telling people they're bladdy idiots.
But what do you think? Have you even heard of it? Not sure how well the Apprentice does outside of the UK.

And in case you're not feeling the christmas spirit yet. You will be after this video.

/* */

Prepare for your ears to bleed...

Posted by Ockeroid - September 12th, 2010

Posted by Ockeroid - August 7th, 2010

It's my birthday! And that means I expect you to get me a present!
Your present to me can be watching my new Inception toon:


Currently on my way to the NG London meet (<3 technology). If you see me there, say Cobb sent you and I'll give you a big high five.

What's Cobb so pissed off at in this picture?

Inception sleepover

Posted by Ockeroid - March 20th, 2010

Just finished some 8-bit tunes for DarqV's new Mega Man parody flash: Rick Mann!

If you've not seen it, then what are you waiting for?!

I've uploaded some of the tunes from it, plus an extended version of the main theme. So extend your clicking finger and check them out if you're into old 8-bit computer game tunes.

Theme of Rick Mann
Boss Select Screen
Boss Man Battle

Working on music for films and games is so damn fun!
If you've got a flash or game coming up you'd like me to make something for, just shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do for you :D

Should have bunch of dark, dramatic, atmosphere score tracks from an upcoming time traveling flash game called Genesis up soon. So be on the look out for the game when it comes to the portal.

RICK MANN -- New Mega Man parody & 8-bit tunes

Posted by Ockeroid - December 29th, 2009

A (late) christmas quickie. God, I wish I got this in on time. I thought I could get this done in time, but then christmas got in the way...


Yes, it's about Ayn Rand. And that means it's kind of philosophy. And since this is Newgrounds, I'm looking forward to what will no doubt be a inteligent and thought provoking dialog with the Newgrounds members. (Either that or no one will have read it and it won't make sense. Great)

So I'll get things started, shall I?

ur all fags lol

P.S. Just so there's some content. Here's a toon I uploaded to youtube that you might have missed...

/* */

Santa Reads Ayn Rand