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It taught me the joy of hentai.

I like math.

The music. Definetly the music. I've got a half a gig of songs that I've downloaded from here. xD

pretty much i guess

Newgrounds has been a pretty big influence on my life. I remember back when I was a wee lil' tyke, desperately hiding T rated submissions whenever my father came in the room... good times. Now adays, I really appreciate all the cool people here. Started voice acting about half a year ago, and everyone that I ask for advice or support have always been nice and accomodating. I must be doing something right, as for the first actual project that I did solo scored 17th place in the VAC. So yeah, Newgrounds has been my bud, years before I ever actually bothered getting an acount.

Oh, and the hentai is pretty sweet too :}

Yeah it taught me the joy of hentai.

A bunch of stuff, Newgrounds was the place I realised that everything on the internet was made by a dude. Because the bar was so low, I noticed that the shitty my-first-movie stuff was right next to like Alien Hominid, and I realised that if you wanted to make cartoons or games or whatever, you could just start doing it.
Also I blog on Newgrounds, and I used to blog about really sad highschool stuff, so I had a bunch of corny conversations about how people are still FRIENDS with you even if they don't call or whatever. I tested that the next day and it was totally true.

Also Newgrounds was one of the places I learned it's ok to be a dumbass. You don't have to be a serious, professional, know-it-all prick to be happy with what you're doing, you can make Chuck's New Tux or fuckin Dad's Home or Madness Interactive and do amazing things as THAT person.
But I learned that basic idea from a lot of places.

I was starting to give up on media , the internet, and sadly people in general.

Got me a good friend in the US, got me entertainment for 13 years straight - got me a place on the internet where most people are as fucked up as i am myself :)

thanks for the G-F toon! :)

...Also, the only place i know online where you are guarranteed to have at least 200 people see your work in just one day! YAY FOR NG!!

I owe most everything I do now to NGs existence, it really influenced everything, from interests and aspirations to hobbies and education. It also helped develop a thicker skin in general; there would probably be no other way for a lot of people to gain an audience and valuable criticism they wouldn't get otherwise.

Also, I was shy too the first time I met NG people, its strange/hard interacting with people you have always respected and look up to from afar.

Holy shit, that's a hard question! Well, the first time I ever got in trouble in a school was for playing alien hominid in the 2nd grade so there's some fond memories which surely made me think twice about playing bloody games in class. And then, I was like 9-10 or so when I was in love with the awesome series which probably shaped my sense of humor at that age to be really awkward and it probably still is. Newgrounds is probably the main factor in why I have a loud voice and stand out in the crowd positively when I think about it. All in all, wherever I end up in life, good or bad, I owe part of that to newgrounds.

Pretty much everything about my life was defined by NG
Also the new toon was excellent. I fucking love your art style.

i tawlk in2 a mike and peeple heer me with colors and lines :))))

I got a degree in Computer Scientist because I wanted to learn how to build flash games when I was twelve - thanks to Newgrounds. Now I have a job as a web developer.

Kind of the same thing for me too, actually. Usually in my room by myself, talking to myself into a microphone. And even auditions were the same way for newgrounds. But, as voice acting became a more possible future I had to go out and make real auditions in front of people and found it core-shakingly difficult.

And newgrounds kinda put me in a position to put my money where my mouth was, also. I had written some, less then well-mannered reviews on some peoples demos, mostly out of frustration for not having the ability to record myself. And they'd answer back with "Oh, yeah and your stuff is so much better? OH THAT'S RIGHT! YOU HAVE NOTHING ON YOUR PAGE!" And I always thought, just because I can't show it doesn't mean I'm not accurate, so I started getting serious about proving my worth to... People on the internet. A worthwhile investment, right? Hahaha.

And of course, I'm faaar more professional in any advice ro reviews I give out these days. Plus I was 17 - 18 when I wrote those reviews... So I was still kind of a prick. Hehe.

SO professionalism too kinda sprang from Newgrounds. Man, maybe this site is more influential on me than I once thought. o_o

I could find a way to expose my music somewhat, ended up with a song in Castle Crashers, but since then i've been a washed up has been :/ even though I've made better things...but it's the sole fact the song was in the game. However, it's gotten me at least some attention. Overall though, newgrounds is where I hang out when I'm bored sometimes, it's given me opportunities to make music for a few people here and there. I guess meeting new creative people really. Because of Newgrounds, I can find great underground content and feature it on my show The Dish Out to help these awesome artists. So yeah, newgrounds kinda made my life more interesting.

well obviously it effected me with a huge ass critical hit!
before i saw newgrounds i was just a stupid 16 years old Youtuber who made Videos With MS Paint and Windows Movie maker and mouse ... after i saw Eddsworlds videos. he kinda send me with them here to Newgrounds. i was amazed about what single persons can do! amazing games & flashes! i was so amazed! so i started to animate with flash myself! of course i kinda wanted to start fast. that why my first flashes were terrible (cuz they were made with mouse and i had no fucking ide how Flash exactly works...) anyway with time i started to imrpove more and more because of watching how awesome the other artists in NG are..like Happyharry, egoraptor and more and thats exactly why i also get a draw tablet.
wich lend me to 2011 where my crap finnaly starts to shine (even if just a little).
of course at start (2009) i just wanted to get high scores and some awards for my crap ( i really though its easy) also i was a total D=ckhead, because i didn even accepted negative critics...wow...
but today is today...and i really love this website everyday..
so if NG wasnt there...id probably still going to be an amateur uses MS PAINT. windows movie maker & Mouse


Hm, for me, I can only really echo what most are saying.

I visited when I was younger (check out my username!) and have since continued to view this site every other day.

Kind of a like a routine really, it's good to see what's going on and you do feel part of a family.

I hope that doesn't sound too sad, I mean, I HAVE a family.. They're not dead or anything and I'm replacing them with an internet community... No no, nothing like that.

Some stuff you watch or play affects who you are as a person. For me, it's been for the better, an eye opening experience. It's a shame that mods sieve through old reviews and get them deleted because I feel they are a link to the past, showing how you have matured (hopefully). I mean, some of my early reviews make me cringe now but I'd never take them back, I said them when I was who I was then, and have since changed but would not be who and where I am now if I had not made them.

No regrets.

Well... Maybe on the username front! Haha!

In ways you can't imagine.
I used to bitch about it on the forums how NG affected my life.

The only response I got was "cockjoke" and "you shoulda grabbed her cock" or "fake and gay"

I hate the forums sometimes...

After a nightmarish stay in the hospital years ago, I happened upon this site. My brother and I became inspired, after random bouts of authoring fan fiction with me, to start up projects in Macromedia Flash when it was still in its MX incarnation (later 8, and now 5.5). It gave me a creative goal aside of all the vocational ones I concocted. However, access to his computer to mess around with Flash myself was limited, so I finally moved away. Without him kicking me around (or vice versa), most of that stuff was on the back-burner. However, I never lost my love of Newgrounds and always checked out the front page, making conscious efforts (almost daily since January 2010) to blam errant entries, safeguard the good ones, and generally appreciated how the site became a haven for creative development on ever-widening scale.

Newgrounds is my home page. Other than a few videos from YouTube or a few users (NecroVMX being one good example), it is my primary source of entertainment outside of music, most of which is gleaned from the Audio Portal, but also OCRemix and a few good classical and heavy metal CDs. That's pretty much it. Comic books / graphic novels and literature are used for reference material. One of my gripes is the sheer abundance of ill-behaved trolls cock-joking around in what should otherwise be a valuable resource: the Newgrounds' Bulletin Board System. Daily, I show up and blam, blam, blam the shovelware games and lousy cartoons, review the ones that strike my fancy in some fashion, and try to stay up to date in the Heavy Metal Audio Portal, hoping GoreBastard can show up and destroy everybody and their brothers.

Had it not been for Newgrounds, a large chunk of my mental health would be teetering near a cliff. It gave me a frequent challenge to devise something and, right now, I am ready. With the advancement of some of the stories and scripts written recently, it is time to become a power player around this place. I am reclusive like you Ockeroid, but I figured someone so active in the community was nowhere near that way. Looks like I have to get off my butt myself. Did you know I still play your old audio tracks?

To put Newgrounds' effect into perspective, I cannot imagine, today, what life would be like without Newgrounds.

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