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Posted by Ockeroid - February 15th, 2012

New mini-toon!
Nerds can never ever love! Go watch it!

Featuring one of the best people in the world (fact) RicePirate

(It's supposed to be called "Nerds can never love: One wish", but the new name restrictions cut it off. Not sure what I'm gonna do for any future toons now tho oops)

Making this was actually really refreshing. I only had the day to do it and it was great to get something short and simple out after a few months of more heavy planned stuff.
Looking back it reminded me of how much the 24HColab moved me on in being able to make something. *sigh* memories
Back then it was a big struggle for me, but now I can just get on with it. I guess in some ways it was like a first taster of doing something creative as work. Just goes to show another kind of thing NG can give you if you're willing to put something in!

More nerds can never love

On that note, I spent an I-N-T-E-N-C-E week of constant work to try and get a 2 min Nerds movie out for V-day. Didn't make it in the end, but It's about 85% complete and I'll go back and get it done after a little break.
Caxx and Seymour have been giving some awesome voice work for it plus have put up with me being sleep deprived and a bit crazy.

Screen shot below!

EDIT: Can't seem to get the image to show up, so here's a dump link:
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/c1e5b4d73809 d47cbe30344aefedc821.jpg


You might not know, but I basically make music every single day. (I have between 350-400 different project files from 2011, so it may well have been every day)

I've been making fuck tones of music the past few months but just not been putting any out. Here's one though! No clue what genre you'd call it. Like.... action music crossed with unknown? *shrug*

If you like it I'd love to hear, since I think the main reason I don't really post audio on newgrounds is I never really get any feedback. (Hopefully audio portal redesign will add some cool things to make it easier for songs to get heard? eh? eh? *nag nag nag*)

Redesign Collab

Here's my stupid little bit for the Luis' redesign collab if you didn't see it while the site was down

Thanks to my local buddy Thomas Booker for collabing with the ridiculous music with me

Comments (8)

That's sad.
He needs to get a real woman.
Like Catherine.
Or Katherine.

Or that Japanese game where you shoot high school girls with your hormone ray gun.

Intense is spelled with an "s". So you did had it hard. Luckily you survived.

it was just so intense that spelling it correctly wouldn't give it justice!

yeah, that's what I'm going with

Ah... Waiting for the redesign... Good times...

Only nerds know about that.

Sounded great : I'd say Industrial? I Doesn't seem bassy enough for DnB. Great stuff though, sounds a lot like a heist montage track :)

Can't wait for the new nerds, and I was honored I could help out with your V-day release.

24 HRC ... I'm feelin' the need and people have been asking. Finally feeling a bit settled ... but next week I'm back in NYC and rushin' around. Looks like Mid-March ... mebbe you join!?

Maan, do you even gotta ask?

Yeah it's weird since it has the DnB drums, but everything else is diff. Industrial is def closest I've heard tho

felt so awesome being able to be like "YO MAN, MOVEI TONIGHT?" and us just get going so fast. you're always welcome in my toons as long as my toons are welcome to your sweet sexy vocal chords

Darn you Rice! You said February! Sigh, oh well. As for you Ock, I'm in love with your art style, like literally. I want to marry it. Do you use the line tool?

Thanks bud :D

Do I ever!
Takes longer but I like it. Plus I such with the brush tool, so that helps :p

Im on the edge of my seat for the next nerds movie :D

Awww yeah ;D